Finally, released my Photon based game: Wizards Mayhem Arena

I'm still amazed of how easy it was to make my game using Photon, so thanks a lot guys, I only asked 2 questions in this forum I guess, easy peasy!

So, the game, I released yesterday on Google Play, it's a very simple game for Android, the game's premise is very simple, defeat your enemies, each player spawns in one corner of the arena and they need to cast spells to destroy props around to get pickups that are spawned from these crates, these pickups will give them permanent upgrade or temporary but the player also needs to avoid picking up bad pickups.

The game has a very simple customization system (that doesn't affect gameplay) and the player can choose his color before starting the match, there are a couple of arenas (I will design more as time goes), each arena has a couple of elements that modifies the gameplay.

Here is a humble trailer produced by me:


If you guys want to test, here goes the link:

... Let's play a couple of matches together, let me know what do you guys think!!

Btw: Feel free to delete the thread if I'm breaking any rules, I suppose this is where we can share our games...


  • Hi @Rodolfo_Rubens,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I'll see if we could add your game to our made with Photon showcase.

    Good job and best of luck!

    Don't worry, we can tell bot/spammers from real people!
  • Thanks @JohnTube!

    I should thank you guys for Photon, I'm already looking forward to use it again in my next game!

    I would be immensely grateful if you guys do that!

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