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  • Re: Photon Server join/create game problem

    The client disconnects from a master and reconnects to a game server. This is needed to load balance users across machines and get a direct connection.
    The gameserver has a setting for its own "public ip". It's a known annoyance that we currently don't try to find a game-server's public ip automatically (but most servers have multiple ips and it's not always clear which one can be used as game server address).
    You have to edit a config file for that setting. its this file:

    There are two config entries for IPs:

    The first is used when you run more gameservers and one master.
    The second one is the game server's address and sent to clients. The PublicIPAddress must be set to any publicly available IP per gameserver. It's different for each deploy.

    we want to automate this, so deploys get easier but we didn't get to it yet
  • Re: PUN + WebGL ?

    We will definitely look into supporting WebGL players and if there is any way to get this done, PUN will become compatible with it.

    I don't think the webplayer will go away that soon. My guess is that Google and Mozilla will come up with new APIs to include plugins in the browser. It sounded like the intention was to get rid of age-old Netscape APIs.
  • Re: Can we have a product update?

    That's valid feedback. Can't argue with that.
    Rest assured we work on Bolt and get up to speed asap. It was quite a bit of work and discussion to get Bolt and Exit Games aligned and we didn't do that to get rid of Bolt. On the contrary.
  • Re: Can we have a product update?

    We are on the same page. We will try to improve things. Right now, everything settles in...