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  • Re: The Headache of PhotonNetwork.Instantiate's initial position

    This problem is a known one and by now, it's high on our todo list. It missed the release window pre-Christmas.

    Behind the scenes, this is a bit complicated: The message for "Instantiate X at pos Y" can't be updated on the server, so when a client gets the Instantiate, it has to put the object somewhere. Only after doing that, it can go on and apply updates and catch up with the real position.

    In worst case, we will have to add a server feature to be able to update the position but maybe I can find another solution.

    As Vadim says: At the moment, the workaround is probably in your hands. With a script on the GO, you could flag GO's as "unpositioned" by default. When a position update comes in, apply it as initial position and remove the flag. From then on, any other script runs in "positioned" mode...
  • Re: Buffered RPC problem

    You should use PhotonNetwork.Instantiate or PUN can't be blamed if a GameObject is not known before you call RPCs.
    I can't say why you don't succeed with GetComponent. Maybe the script is not active yet? Then it's not found by the method you use.
    Why do you have to find a script that has RPCs?

    It sounds more like issues with organization in Unity than Photon problems. I am not sure if we can help with that. If so, we would need a small repro case.
  • Re: How to kick a player?

    PhotonNetwork.CloseConnection( PhotonPlayer kickPlayer )
    It essentially sends an event to the target player and that client quits the game.