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  • Re: GameSparks integration: How supported?

    Yes, those are what we call Photon appIDs. When you sign up on our site, you get those from your dashboard.
  • Re: Lag spikes every 1-3 seconds

    a) sure, not problem, thanks for caring!

    b) will have a closer look tomorrow
  • Re: Forum bugs


    Vanilla uses Akismet as spam filter. Your comments had been marked as spam (hinted by the message: "Your comment will appear after it is approved"). They have been approved now. Also, your user has been approved, so you should not see that again in the future.

    Regarding your other description "When i use post edit twice, my post vanish (when i click accept edit)", I am sorry, but I do not understand the steps you do. This is the same issue or a different one? Could you add clear reproduction steps, please? (incl. used browser and any blocking add-ons, if present)

  • Re: Matchmaking not working in Dubai, working fine in Turkey!

    To which region(s) do you connect to?
    Please verify connection speed/quality with a traceroute from Dubai to those region(s).
  • Re: multi players game & database

    There seems to be some confusion about our services.

    a) Photon Cloud (used by PUN e.g.)
    - $185 for 1000 ccu
    - We host the (game) servers
    - you can extend it somewhat with webhooks
    - for a database, you would need to use a 3rd party service (or host the DB yourself)
    - you can e.g. combine this with Playfab (

    b) Photon Server
    - $175 for per server with unlimited ccu
    - you host the game server
    - you can adjust the server code (and e.g. access any database that can be used from .NET/c#)
    - you could host the DB on the game server or use a 3rd party provider

    c) Photon Enterprise Cloud
    - you need to get a quote for pricing
    - we host the servers
    - you can adjust server logic with plugins (and access a DB that way)
    - price point more for bigger projects
    - SLA, 24/7 NOC