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  • Re: Why PluginHost.BroadcastEvent sends null data to Unity Client ?

    public override void OnRaiseEvent(IRaiseEventCallInfo info)
                 Dictionary<byte , object >  row = new Dictionary<byte, object>() { { 55, "My Testing" }, { 254 ,0 } };
                if (info.IsProcessed)
                    recieverActors: new int[] { 1 },
                    senderActor: 0,
                    data: new Dictionary<byte, object>() { { 245 , row } },
                    evCode: 55,
                    cacheOp: 0,
                    sendParameters: new SendParameters() { Unreliable = false });
  • Re: Unable to create new room with master on leaving the room

    Hi @wasifk308,

    You can call CreateRoom only when connected to Master Server.
    You need to wait for OnConnectedToMaster or OnJoinedLobby callbacks to be called to make sure you can call CreateRoom.
    You should move CreateRoom call from Start method and put it somewhere else where you are certain it will be called after OnConnectedToMaster or OnJoinedLobby. You can also use a coroutine inside Start to wait for client to be connected to Master Server or even make Start a coroutine itself but I do not recommend that.
  • Re: Whether the photon server needs an app id

    Hi @doolangames,

    No you do not need an AppId to connect to self hosted Photon Server.
  • Re: Webhooks - how to send full state of the room?

    Hi @Rusildo,

    Please make sure to choose correct version of webhooks plugin when configuring it.
    The webflags were introduced in 1.2.
    So you need to select 1.2 from the dropdown list.
    Also in order to forward State, "IsPersistent" needs to be set to true.

    We will update the docs.
    Thank you for your report.
  • Re: Webhooks - how to send full state of the room?

    Sorry I did not give full accurate info.
    "IsPersistent" is ignored when "PathCreate" or "PathClose" are not set.
    So currently this is needed, even if you do not use those paths, just configure them and just return an empty successful response in "PathCreate" and ignore saving state in "PathClose".
    FYI: the source code for Webhooks plugin is available in the Photon Server Plugins SDK.
    We will fix these webhooks gotchas in the upcoming version.
    If you have any suggestions or other feedback please do let us know.