Can't start as a service or application in Windows Server 2016 Azure

Hello, I'm trying to test a photon server deploy on a VM in Azure running Windows Server 2016 64b.
I copied the x64 folder with the PhotonControl and when I start the program with Administrator rights it runs and gets visible in the taskbar, but when I select Start LoadBalancing (My Cloud) => Start As aplication, nothing happens, I'was able to test this locally on windows 10 and can run IIS on this server without problem. Any help? thanks!


  • I realized I just copied the bin_Win64 folder but I need all the deploy folder. Did it and now the error is that I need Net Framework 3.5, tried to install it with PowerShell but find an error at the end. It seems installing Net 3.5 in this Azure server is not straightforward. There are this NSG of Azure that I still don't understand well. help would be appreciated.
  • Hello,

    please send us the log files from .../deploy/log and .../deploy/bin_win64/log to [email protected] for review.

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