MicWrapper does not support suggested frequency !


After many tries, I still have this issue since ive downloaded photon voice. Please help

" MicWrapper does not support suggested frequency 24000 (min: 44100, max: 44100). Setting to 44100"


"PUNVoice: [PV] Local voice #1 audio source frequency 44100 and encoder sampling rate 24000 do not match. Resampling will occur before encoding."


  • I can only switch from 24000 to 48000.

    So it will never match by the way...
  • admin8Cadmin8C
    edited June 2017
    I want to notice that i have the same issue with your scene exemple.
  • admin8Cadmin8C
    edited June 2017
    Problem partially solved by changing manually on Windows the frequency of my microphone (44.1k to 48k, I had no other options). But it could be better if it could be automatically modified via script... Players aren't able to change the settings of their microphone when they launch a game with a vocal chat.

    If someone know how to do that ?
  • Hi @admin8C,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Those are "harmless" warning logs right?

    Do you have an issue with the voice quality or audio transmission?
  • Yes it was only harmless. It works.
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