Ootii camera controller and bolt rotation replicate

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I tried to integrate the asset camera controller of ootii in my project where I use photon bolt, until now, everything worked ok, the transform of the players (position and rotation) that have bolt entity replicated ok without problem.

However, when using the camera ootii, this changes the rotation Y of the player that has bolt entity but does not replicate its rotation, this happens only from client to server and from client to client, from server to client works ok, rotation Is replicated correctly.

@stanchion, you know a little about motion controller ootii, this is not with motion controller but is with camera controller, maybe you know that may be the cause.



  • I use this asset in one of my projects and haven't seen an issue like this, I would have to see the project
  • Ok, thanks, I send you wetransfer link by private.
    I don't public post it because it contains payment assets.
  • On the client the player's rotation is being reset to zero constantly
  • Ok, thanks, we have solved it by passing the rotation applied by the ootii camera to the input command in SimulateController.
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