OnJoinedLobby() isn't called after first login for the session

"Called on entering a lobby on the Master Server."

"OnJoinedLobby() or OnConnectedToMaster() are called when PUN is ready"

The callback works after failing to join a room or every other time it's supposed to. Everything else seems to work if I wait a few seconds to enter lobby. However, the point is -- OnJoinedLobby is never called on init!

Am I missing something? :pensive: autojoinlobby is true


  • Hi @xblade724,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    Do you still encounter this issue?

    If so please try to log client state changes in PUN and see why OnJoinedLobby is not firing when client is in state ClientState.JoinedLobby.
    Or send us a tiny repro project by email.
  • Hey @JohnTube -- it was a Unity "collab" bug -- they randomly like to change the lobby join options. Gahh... lol.

    Anyway, just in case someone asks the same thing -- ask if they use collab in Unity services!
  • I don't understand how Unity collab has anything to do with Photon but I'm glad you got it working.
  • xblade724xblade724
    edited June 2017
    > I don't understand how Unity collab has anything to do with Photon

    In our case, everything: Collab is still in it's early phase and enjoys changing the PhotonServerSettings randomly - several times, actually - for whatever reason. In this case, the autoJoinLobby setting keeps turning itself back off (we want it on).
  • Ah I see! Thanks for clarifying this.
  • That's nasty.

    You can make sure that your code is setting the value as you need it. This actually saves it in the settings file. Maybe someone is running demos which set this. I think this could also be decoupled quite easily.

    If that's not it: Do you have any idea what exactly triggers the re-creation of the settings asset? It's an asset. It should NOT be rewritten for any other reason.
  • xblade724xblade724
    edited October 2017
    I forgot to follow up on this --

    Our solution was not what anyone with collab may hope for: We ditched collab for gitlab CE :pensive: never saw this issue again.
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