Example for Custom Properties

Hei Guys,

at first, sry for my bad english, it isn't the best, but i hope you will understand my ask.

I have trouble in understanding the Custom Properties. I don't know whether how to set them up correctly or how to use them later.

I read the Forum already and found a entry about this topic but I didn't understand it until now.. Also i wasn't able to found Tutorials about this topic... I have tried to read the PhotonPlayer.cs itself but I wasnt able to learn in this way..maybe I am to silly to understand that lol :dizzy:

My ask to you is to give me an practise example from beginning. How to set Player custom properties like a color and access it on instantiating the player.
Also i have tried to create a Room custom properties with different maxplayer counts but wasn't successfull.

I know this is a big ask, but I hope someone can help me out there? I found some Exampleprojects in the Asset Store but I was not ready to pay 25$, especially I have no money for this ..

Maybe one of you have a great tutorial for this where it is explained how to set up and use them correctly.

Best regards,

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