void ExecuteCommand

Hello, sorry for the trouble, but I can not understand.

For archery I use the method
public override void ExecuteCommand

I also use

But still shooting does not work correctly, at the client instead of one arrow several

Is it possible to organize any additional checks so that the method works correctly?


public override void ExecuteCommand (Bolt.Command c, bool resetState)
if (state.Dead) {

PlayerCommand cmd = (PlayerCommand)c;

if (resetState) {
_motor.SetState (cmd.Result.position, cmd.Result.velocity, cmd.Result.isGrounded, cmd.Result.jumpFrames);
} else {
// move and save the resulting state
var result = _motor.Move (cmd.Input.forward, cmd.Input.backward, cmd.Input.left, cmd.Input.right, cmd.Input.jump, cmd.Input.yaw);

cmd.Result.position = result.position;
cmd.Result.velocity = result.velocity;
cmd.Result.jumpFrames = result.jumpFrames;
cmd.Result.isGrounded = result.isGrounded;

if (cmd.IsFirstExecution) {
// animation
AnimatePlayer (cmd);

// set state pitch
state.pitch = cmd.Input.pitch;
state.weapon = cmd.Input.weapon;
//Выключили прицеливание класическое
//state.Aiming = cmd.Input.aiming;

//Calling the method of shooting

if (cmd.Input.fire)

//ArrowFire ();


if (entity.isOwner) {
cmd.Result.Token = new TestToken ();

//Shooting Method
void ArrowFire(){
if (Timer <= 0) { //нажатия ЛКМ

var Arrov = BoltNetwork.Instantiate (BoltPrefabs.Arrow, ArrowPos.transform.position,ArrowPos.transform.rotation);
Arrov.GetComponent<Rigidbody>().AddForce(transform.forward* ForceScale);

Timer = Reload; //устанавливаем таймер например на 2 сек



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