PhotonRunning() failed Exception: photon.CounterPublisher.SystemCounter Photon 4

I have tried the steps in this forum post to no avail:

I can't run Photon 4, but can run Photon 3 on my development machine and my server which are both windows 7. I can run the same download on a brand new win 10 box.

I can't find any corrupted performance counters manually in the registry.

Can I just run Photon 4 without performance counters?

Photon 3 server runs fine, photon 4 server does not.


  • And I installed and uninstalled the photon counters.
  • hi, @dshewmaker
    yes, you should be able to run photon without counters
    try to set Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.CommonSettings.EnablePerformanceCounters to false in LoadBalancing.dll.config

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