Bug with Photon Transform View

1. Create a new GameObject with a Photon Transform View component and set it to only synchronize rotation / scale (but NOT position).
2. Use PhotonNetwork.Instantiate to spawn an object at a certain point.
3. The object's position will be set to 0,0,0 on other clients.

I think the problem is at line ~155 of Transform View. The code does not check if we actually care about synchronizing the position and updates the position anyway the first time which is at 0,0,0, the default value for Vector3.


  • Hi @rafael_at_jags,

    thanks for the report and the detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue. However I failed on reproducing this behaviour - everything works fine and as expected for me. Which PUN version do you use? I have tested this on the latest version 1.83.
  • I'm on 1.76.
  • Hi,

    this issue has been fixed in a newer version of PUN, so I would suggest you upgrading to the latest version of PUN.
  • Is there a place where I can see all the version changes and possibly a diff of what was changed exactly?
  • An online version history containing the most important changes is available here. Each new PUN release on the Asset Store also includes a changelog.txt which contains these infos as well.

    There is no diff available, you have to compare changes yourself.
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