Photon Voice & TCP client

I'm developing an application that has a voice chat and receive data from a server via TCP socket.
I've made a simple application using System.Net.Sockets and works well.. but when I use it in the Photon Voice app (connected to Photon Server), the Photon Voice works but the client/server communication doesn't work. Why? Conflicts?
Any suggestions to solve this problem?


  • Hi @StyleMaster,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I did not understand your issue.

    Do you use Photon Voice (PUNVoice package from Unity's asset store) with self-hosted Photon Server?
    Currently, TCP is not available by default for Photon Voice. While we do not officially support it, I can give you a workaround to make it work.

    Do you want to use Photon Voice in a .Net app outside Unity?
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