Buffered RPC, Photon.Instantiate() not working for the new clients

Buffered RPC, Photon.Instantiate() not working for the new clients who connected a minute after the first one.

I have two scenes: one for connection to specific region and etc, other for connecting to room and calling RPC's, instantiating player prefabs. Players can connect, disconnect, connect again and see what was done in the scene by other players. But after something around one minute, new players cannot see anything and their prefabs do not instantiate for old players.
I think the problem can be that buffered RPC has a limit on how much of them can be saved on server, because same code, just wit simple RPC worked well (except it didn't saved changes in the scene).

Here is some parts of my code:

public void LoadScene()
PhotonNetwork.ConnectToRegion(reg, "v1.0");

public void OnConnectedToMaster()

PhotonNetwork.JoinOrCreateRoom(roomName, roomOptions, TypedLobby.Default);
void OnJoinedRoom()
PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("Player", Vector3.zero, Quaternion.identity, 0); // object which can send RPC

RPC FUNCTION (sent 30 times per second):
gameObject.GetComponent().RPC("RPCFunction", PhotonTargets.OthersBuffered, <...>);
public void RPCFunction(int ownerId,
bool headBool, Vector3 headPos, Quaternion headRot,
bool rightBool, Vector3 rightPos, Quaternion rightRot,
bool leftBool, Vector3 leftPos, Quaternion leftRot,
bool brushBool, Vector3 brushPos, Quaternion brushRot, int sizeBr, Vector3 colorBr,
bool drawBool, Vector3[] colorPaint, Vector3[] pos1, Vector3[] pos2, int[] size, int brushID, int[] textID,
bool clearBoardHighlightLine, Vector3 linePos1, Vector3 linePos2, bool clearBoardHighlight, bool clear,
Vector3 posB, Vector3 posL, Vector3 posP, Vector3 posG, Vector3 rotB, Vector3 rotL, Vector3 rotP, Vector3 rotG)
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