Is there a way to hook into when a server is about to instantiate a proxy entity?


I have an entity performing some IK movements which are based on server frame (lerping between two points). If, on a client in which this entity is a proxy, I get the start state then this all works fine as each proxy will keep track of where their hands are over time. The issue I have is if I connect a client between the start and end state; I don't know how far into the movement the proxies are.

I could just send the number of frames through the action as state, but this would be costly and, for most clients, not required. So I was wondering if, when the server is about the tell the client to instantiate all the proxies it knows about on a connection, there was a place I could attach additional information, such the number of frames through any such movements?

In truth, these little movements are not overly important and short lived, so not catching them upon connection is not the end of the world, but just curious really!

A secondary (probably more important) question is, if I am replicating an animation to a proxy via mechanim (such as running) and a client connects half way through the animation, will the proxy start in the correct place of the animation on the client? This is important to allow the hitboxes to match the server correctly.

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