Has anyone tried deploying with Docker?

Quick question. Has anyone tried deploying Proton Server to a Docker instance? Seems like a really nice mix of tech for arbitrary amounts of servers to setup and host.
If so, is there a tutorial or image somewhere I can work from? I'm not very familiar with Powershell but I'm sure I'll eventually need to learn it.



  • Hi @Dafeesh,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Internally we tried it and it worked. We did not go further with this due to prioritization.
    We cannot offer you any material to help you at the time being.
  • Hey @Dafeesh, did you get anywhere with this? Find any useful blogs?
  • Hey @Dafeesh, just to let you know that I've been playing around getting Photon Server running on Docker. The code is on Github (https://github.com/rossknudsen/PhotonServerDocker). You're welcome to have a look.

    Unfortunately it can't be run using the Nano Windows Server, because it requires .net framework full. Would love it if Exit Games would port over to .net Core!
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