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We currently have the game "We Were Here" on steam and are getting reports of players not being able to hear each other. We are having a hard time identifying the problem. We have a matchmaking scene in which players can join/create rooms. Once the player joins a room a PhotonVoice Prefab is instantiated on the network (contains a PhotonView/AudioSource/Photonvoicerecorder/PhotonVoiceSpeaker). Once the second player joins and the second prefab is created it either never has the streaming audioclip or the voice unlinks and creates a new link every 2/3 seconds.

I've tried the Voice Demo to see if we were missing something, but using the same setup as shown in the demo the issue continues to exist.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue and managed to fix it?

Unity version: 5.5.0f3

Thank you for your time,
Total Mayhem Games


  • Hi @TotalMayhemGames,

    Your game looks amazing.

    Could you please give us more details about the issues you are having?
    - Photon Voice version
    - log entries
    - reproduction steps
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    Hi @JohnTube ,

    Version: We are running Photon Voice 1.8.

    These are the logs i'm getting from Photon Voice:

    PUNVoice: [PV] Frame event for not inited voice #8 of player #2 at channel #1

    PUNVoice: [PV] Local voice #32 audio source frequency 44100 and encoder sampling rate 24000 do not match. Resampling will occur before encoding.

    PUNVoice: Player 2 voice # 16 speaker unlinked.

    PUNVoice: Player 2 voice #17 speaker created.

    We have the PhotonVoiceSettings loaded in the splashscreen.

    We instantiate(PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("PhotonVoicePrefab",, Quaternion.identity, 0);) the Voice prefab (gameobject with voicespeaker,voicerecorder, audiosource and photonview) on OnJoinedRoom().

    When the second player enters the room and thus the second prefab is created the voice works but drops every few seconds with the above logs.

    If you need more information let me know.

    Total Mayhem Games
  • OK thank you for your report.
    We will take a look.
  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭
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    1. Do you reproduce the issue yourself?
    2. If yes, does Voice Demo fails same way?
    3. Did you try another region or/and appid?
    4. Do you change scenes in application?
    5. Can you send full log? High voices numbers mean that either PhotonVoiceRecorder created or microphone switched multiple times. Please find out what exactly happens and why.
  • Hi.

    Sorry for a delayed response.

    We are currently refactoring most of our matchmaking code and are no longer experiencing the issue.

    Thanks for the support,
    Total Mayhem Games
  • I'm glad to know you're no longer having this issue with Photon Voice.
    Good luck with your game(s)!
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