OpRaiseEvent Failing

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I'm using Photon with Playfab for Unity, and i'm having an intermittent problem with OpRaiseEvent failing. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times it fails with the following log:

OnOperationResponse: OperationResponse 253: ReturnCode: -2 (Unknown operation code). Parameters: {}

This is the code used to raise the event:
            new Hashtable() {
I can't work out what the issue is because there isn't really information in the error. As I say, sometimes it works flawlessly, and other times it fails consistently. I've made sure that the player is connected to a game server and has Joined a room when the event is raised, there never seems to be any issue connecting to the room before it fails (or doesn't).

I'm testing on two PCs, and the problem occurs on both.



  • Hi @bloot (Graeme),

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I think what is happening is that sometimes for some reason you try to call RaiseEvent operation when not joined to a room.
    When you call RaiseEvent operation on MasterServer it throws this error.
  • Hi,

    That is indeed the problem, it was my logging throwing me off. It was showing a user had Joined, but then elsewhere there was a message stating the room was full, so there is an issue with trying to re-join a room I need to fix.

  • I've also noticed another reason it's failing is because i receive the following error:

    OperationResponse 226: returncode -3 (operation is not allowed on this join stage)

    I can't seem to find any information on why that would occur?
  • I'm looking into it, I'll let you know.
    Meanwhile, can you tell me how to reproduce it on your end? How frequently does it happen and how?
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