Any pointers on how to implement server-to-server performance tests?

The performance tests tutorial ( ) strongly encourages to use server to server connection to run the tests. As a side note, a link to server-to-server-introduction on that page would be nice.

We recommend the following approach:

Note down the typical sequence of operations / events that is sent by your game client.
Build a simple Photon Server(!) application that mimics the behavior of your game client.
Use Photon's sever-to-server features to establish the connection between your "S2S load test application" and the "sever-side" Photon.

I am going to be implementing and testing a loadbalancer based application, and my current plan is to test a stand alone server with and without modifications (and possible alternatives), to make sure that the (potential) modifications and scorekeepings/game loggings are not creating bottlenecks. In addition to seeing what the hw is capable of.

The server to server intro is somewhat advanced in its brevity ( ), which together with the tests article rises the following questions:

1. Do I understand correcly, that only the outbound side is required for the s2s-test-client?
2. The game clients are going to be creating plenty of small rooms, with potentially many operations to be logged (how and where is to be determined partly with the testing) for replay functionality. So, what is the best way to simulate multitude of room creations and the sequence of operations /events by the game client?
3. Is there ready to use/adapt code available for this purpose?

Sorry for the multitude of questions, but I am hoping that asking stupid questions will save a lot of time from trying and failing :)
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