Position of remote player

Hello. I have question. I use UFPS MPSK and I try to save position off all players i room with Easy Save 2. My save system it will be look like that. All data to save will be storaged by master host, if new player join system will be checkif player play in room first time or no. And in this place i have problem how to do that.. send to player rpc to change position but local player = remote player ? If i change position of remote player this will change position of local player?
How to take id or uniq name/id of player how photon know is this player is this player who play and master save his position? Create registration? And then name to this? For now i have php login/registration. I want use steam sdk, can i use steam nick in unity ?

Thx for all answers ^^


  • local player's positions should be sent to the remote players in scene. Mean local players should update the positions of their remote.
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