How to know how many users are in a given public channel

Greetings from Chile!
My Team and I are developing an online game and area using photon chat as our chat system, so far great!
but we area stumbling around a a way to "load balance" the global/public chat.
The ideal solution is when a client logsin he checks his game logic list of global chat channels and sees wich one is less crouded and joins that one. But Searching through Docs and Forums I cannot find a way to get the numeric amount of players subscribed to a channel (we dont need name nor id nor anything, just a simple number with the amount of players).
Am I missing something from the documments?.
Thank you in advance,



  • Hi, Felepe
    No, you did not
    right now there is no way to do this.

    we will add this in furture releases
    Best, Ilya
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