Bolt host migration

Hi all! I think about integrate network into our small game and I have a question: Bolt can handle host migration?


  • Yes but not automatically. You will have to handle clients reconnecting to a new host and the host restoring the state of the game.
  • What about owners? If I have some bots owned by host, how I can change owner to new host?
  • That is part of the state of the game.
  • got a question about bots and host migration, if the player that host the server is disconnected, will the bots be disconnected? will the other player be disconnected or it do like photon, just give the master to an other player
  • No, you cannot just give master like PUN, you need to manage it as I stated.
  • In document it said Bolt doesn't support Host Migration, so it is still possible but require much more manual steps than PUN?
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