PUN Voice 1.4 Release

Where are the release notes for the Unity asset store update of PUN Voice?

Or, what are the changes from the previous version?




  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭
    Please find Assets\PUNVoice\changelog.txt
  • For anyone else wanting release notes from PUN Voice 1.4:

    Changelog from PUN Voice 1.4:

    CHANGED: Updated to PUN v1.72
    ADDED: ability to switch microphone device while joined to voice room

    Changelog for PUN changes since 1.3 of PUN Voice:

    v1.72 (22. June 2016)
    Fixed: When the server address resolves to both, IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, the client will prefer IPv6, matching Apple's requirements.

    v1.71 (15. June 2016)
    Fixed: Best Region is now working with IPv6 networks. (It's not supported for WebGL though)
    Moved: PunTurnManager moved to UtilityScript folder for reusability when cleaning up demos.

    v1.70 (8. June 2016)
    Changed: Serialization methods from MemoryStream to StreamBuffer. This is a light wrapper for a byte[] which provides access to this array. That was not allowed in the Windows Store compatible API. To update, just replace MemoryStream with StreamBuffer in your custom type serialization.
    New: PUN Basics Tutorial, available within the Demo Hub.
    Updated: Input for some demos now also works with controllers (RPGCamera, RPGMovement and JumpAndRunMovement support this now).
    Fixed: Ownership of a PhotonView no longer gets updated when anyone (aside from the owner) sends updates for it. This could cause issues when the (new) owner of an object got outdated updates from another (older) owner.
    Fixed: PhotonViewInspector. When ownership gets transferred for scene objects, this shows correctly in the inspector at runtime.
    Fixed: PhotonAnimatorView. removed warning thrown during trigger caching checks.
    Changed: Delta compression will now re-use some memory, which should be more effective.
    Changed: Aggregation of internal OnPhotonSerializeView()-updates is more effective. More memory is being re-used.
    Updated: To latest Photon3Unity3D.dll v4.1.0.5. It will no longer fail Windows Store Certification and has several improvements throughout.

  • Hello, is there any versions of photon voice for unity 4.7 that I could download?
  • Hi @Jim,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Unfortunately Photon Voice is only for Unity 5.
  • Maybe there is any chance, to use photon voice on unity 4.6 or 4.7??
    Or maybe you will make update, to make it possible??
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