FAQ - Bolt Becomes Part of the Photon Family

BOLT, the popular networking engine for Unity, is now part of the Photon family. Fredrik Holmström, the inventor and mastermind behind Bolt, joins the Photon team to help shape the future of multiplayer technology.


Why do you join forces?

First: We are convinced that combining Bolt & Photon will make both better than ever.
Second: Joining forces not only means we can combine our technologies, but lots of other synergies: one support team, one accounting, one marketing, one CRM, etc.
Third: Fredrik can fully focus on the development of BOLT as all the administrative overhead is covered by a larger team.
Last: We just want to work together.

Will you continue developing Bolt?

Yes, we will continue Bolt. Ensuring the further development of Bolt is the main point of joining forces. We will work with Fredrik in the next years to drive the development of Bolt. Bolt is a great piece of network engineering and has a bright future as part of the Photon family.

Will you limit concurrent users in Bolt?

No, Bolt will be usable with Zeus and Bolt Client as it is now.

Will you give away the source code?

No, we will stop providing the source code. If people and teams are willing to actively contribute, we will reconsider this decision.

I purchased Bolt with source code before 15th of June 2015. Will I still get access to it?

Source code access is not available anymore. Sorry.

What does it mean for my current Bolt project?

Bolt can be used as before. You can go ahead as you planned. No need to stop. It is up to you whether you use the additional benefits that are coming or not. But expect Bolt to evolve faster than before.

Do you have a roadmap for Bolt? What benefits can I expect?

We are working on a roadmap in the next weeks. First goal is to release Bolt v1.0 based on the current feature set. Next is to quickly enhance Bolt with optional services to provide additional benefits: hosted master servers, matchmaking, relay services, etc. If you have any ideas or wishes do not hesitate to send us an email with your thoughts.

What support channels shall I use from now on?

We did set up this brand new forum.

Do I need to purchase Photon to run Bolt?

No. Bolt is independent. It works standalone, with direct connect, and connect via Zeus.

What will Bolt cost now that it belongs to the Photon family and where can I buy it?

Bolt will be offered still for $80 and you can get it in the Unity Asset Store.
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