Migration from Flash to Javascript

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Hey! I have online flash game, that uses Flash on client side. I want switch to JavaScript, but have questions about JS Photon libarary:

Seems like Flash socket and WebSocket is not the same thing? Am I right?
Do I need to ask our server side programmer to make changes on server, to support websockets?

In Flash I had:
const SERVER_URL:String = "";
const PORT:int = 9090;
const POLICY_PORT:int = 843;

var peer:PhotonPeer = new PhotonPeer();
peer.initializeConnection(SERVER_URL, PORT, POLICY_PORT);

so I tried to repeat same code in js:
var peer = new Photon.PhotonPeer('ws://");
WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:721 'WebSocket.URL' is deprecated. Please use 'WebSocket.url' instead.


  • vadimvadim admin
    Yes, they are different things (but flash client might fall back on websockets if flash plugin is not available).
    You need to setup websocket listener on server ports 9090-9092 (or 19090-19092 for secure websockets) if you still did not do so.
    Latest Photon Server available for download should have these listener set up in configs.
  • I am having ERR_CONNECTION_RESET problem in my PC.
  • Please describe what you do and provide error details.
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