PV not working on Magic leap through Unity

I'm trying to get PV to work on magic leap. With out any of the opus_egpy or libopus_egpy files enabled for the lumin platform I can hear the other person (not using a magic leap headest), I have tried enabling all the different android and ARM versions of those. some of them allow me to still hear the other person others do not, but none of them allow for the other person to hear me. I have done a mic check on the magic leap and we are 100% positive that we are getting mic input. I am running Lumin SDK 0.16.0 with Unity 2018.1.9f1-MLTP8.1

my problem sounds very similar to this post http://forum.photonengine.com/discussion/9569/photon-voice-not-working-on-android-daydream but I have already made sure that we are correctly setting the microphone permissions and it does ask for permission before it will enable the microphone.


  • I am willing to try out a beta version if you have one for magic leap
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