Has Photon Bolt an offline mode?

I would like to use the same code for singleplayer and multiplayer mode

Has Bolt an offline mode like PUN?


  • Yeah, I would love to know too. It would be time consuming if we need to maintain another code set for single player mode.
  • Singleplayer mode in Bolt is just acting as a host/server. There is no need to keep a separate codebase for singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • But if a single Player game counts towards the CCU?
  • BoltLauncher.StartSinglePlayer();
  • Thanks. I tried. But seems StartSinglePlayer still counts as 1 CCU. I can see it consumed 1 CCU without any rooms created in the Analyze page. Could you confirm it is by design?
  • Update to the new version
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