UE 4 Setup Issues

Hey , im quite unfamiliar with c++ but since what i want is fairly simple i wanted to try implementing Photon Chat to my Project.

I downloaded the example Project and removed the Realtime connection part and replaced it with some Lines from the getting started doc on Photon Chat

void APhotonLBClient::connectToChat(FString account)

static const ExitGames::Common::JString ChatappID = L"12"; // set your app id here

static const ExitGames::Common::JString appVersion = L"1.0";

chatListener = new ChatListener(this);

chatClient = new ExitGames::Chat::Client(*chatListener , *AppID , appVersion); // If i comment this out it compiles fine



here are the Errors


class ChatListener : public ExitGames::Chat::Listener
ChatListener(BaseView* view);

void connect(const ExitGames::Common::JString& userName);
void setLBC(ExitGames::Chat::Client* pLbc);
virtual void connectionErrorReturn(int errorCode);
virtual void clientErrorReturn(int errorCode);
virtual void warningReturn(int warningCode);
virtual void serverErrorReturn(int errorCode);
virtual void connectReturn(int errorCode, const ExitGames::Common::JString& errorString);
virtual void disconnectReturn(void);
virtual void subscribeReturn(const ExitGames::Common::JVector& channels, const ExitGames::Common::JVector& results);
virtual void unsubscribeReturn(const ExitGames::Common::JVector& channels);
virtual void onStatusUpdate(const ExitGames::Common::JString& user, int status, bool gotMessage, const ExitGames::Common::Object& message);
virtual void onGetMessages(const ExitGames::Common::JString& channelName, const ExitGames::Common::JVector& senders, const ExitGames::Common::JVector& messages);
virtual void onPrivateMessage(const ExitGames::Common::JString& sender, const ExitGames::Common::Object& message, const ExitGames::Common::JString& channelName);


BaseView* view;
ExitGames::Chat::Client* mpLbc;
virtual void onStateChange(int state);
virtual void debugReturn(int debugLevel, const ExitGames::Common::JString& string);


Can someone help me out ?

Best Answer


  • AddPhotonLibPathWin(Target, "Common");
    AddPhotonLibPathWin(Target, "Photon");
    AddPhotonLibPathWin(Target, "LoadBalancing");
    +AddPhotonLibPathWin(Target, "Chat");
    in the Buildfile was missing :neutral:
  • Yes, its solved. I should have opened a Question instead but I missed that, sorry for that.

    I will remove the Loadbalancing lib, thanks for the help =)
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