PUN 2 - Early Access RC1 [ July 2018]

Hi Everyone,

We are updating our early access package of the upcoming PUN version (will be referred as PUN 2).
This features major internal changes, API changes, performance and optimization improvements but keeps the same design pattern you know and expect from Photon Unity Networking (PhotonViews, RPC, Cloud, etc).

Download it here:


Few things to know:

- This version is NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION, use it at your own risk. It's pretty much final, but based on feedback and what we find, we might still have to make breaking changes or fix last minute issues.
- Unity 5.3.7p4 is the minimal version

New Features:

- New, cleaner folder structure. A "Photon" folder wraps up everything and there is a folder per Photon product or API.
- New Demos.
- Improved Namespace to avoid clash with other assets.
- LoadBalancing (LB) api has been revamped for a better separation between PUN and LB
- The PUN API changed in numerous place
- Performance and optimization is improved with less caching of data and better memory usage to avoid unnecessary allocations where possible.
- Explicit registration for PUN callbacks is now necessary, although automated when using 'PunBehaviour' ( watch out when overriding OnEnable() and OnDisable() you must call the base or registration will not occur
- Demos now using the Unity UI system instead of the deprecated one which had a very design pattern for coding.
Future Features:
- Documentation overall pass to cover all changes and new features.
- More optimizations and performances improvements

We welcome your feedback on this, as always!

Simply post in this thread.


  • Hello.

    Building for android throws an error at LoadBalancingPeer.cs:79.
    Switching from PingNativeDynamic to PingMono seems to fix it, but I'm not sure thats the right fix. Things seem to keep working though. :)
  • Hi,

    thanks for the feedback, we'll check.


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