unity photon webgl error

I set up my own server address and port in PhotonServerSettings, running in the PC mode is normal, but switching to the webGL mode is abnormal. My address is a IP.

Abnormal records: UriFormatException: URI scheme must start with a letter and must consist must, start, '+', '-' '' '.


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    Hi @qiaonifengxue,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    You need to use WebSocketSecure protocol and not WebSocket.
    Also, you need a certificate with a Fully Qualified Domain Name and not an IP address.
    Here is our guide for a WSS setup using a self-signed certificate.
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    Hi!Thank for you answer!But there is still a problem,I have already obtained the SSL certificate of the server provider, and have installed IIS and SSL according to the document. Now photon service can not start.Give me a mail address. I'll send you the installation information on the server. Please help me. Thank you!
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    Hi @qiaonifengxue,

    Send config AND log files to
    [email protected]
    with link to this discussion.
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