VR Scene in local network


i am still pretty new to unity but managed to create a VR Scene, which i would want to test in multiplayer (2 players).

The scene is pretty simple. Two players, each got one controller and a simple drawing task.
The problem is, that i have ABSOLUTLY no idea about networking. Furthermore, i can only connect the two PCs via WiFi without acess to the internet (Univercity study). A connection between the PCs via mobile hotspot should be possible, but i would rather not use my phone for that (bandwidth).

PUN and self hosted photon server are probably the way to go, but im pretty much confused if it is possible to use PUN at all without any acess to internet.
Right now i got my VR Scene in Unity and a self hosted Server running. In the Server config file i checked "SelfHosted". For testing reasons, im running the second VR Scene on the same PC via sandBoxie. Frome here i would like to check out some demo/tutorial to get a better unterstanding on how to implement PUN functionality into an existing Scene.

If someone could tell me, if it is possible to use PUN without Internet and reference me some Videos/tutorials to watch about implementing it into a VR unity scene, i would be more than grateful :) right now im only confused.



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