Multiplayer works with emulation but not on real gear VR device


I set up a self hosted Photon server in a LAN, I am using the local IP address in the server's configuration, on the same PC I launched two separate Unity projects, actually the second project is just a copy of the first one and it's used to emulate the second player.

So everything works fine if I click "play" for both project and run them in Unity "Play mode"(emulation), both player will be spawned in the same room.

However when I actually build&run the two project onto two separate Gear VR device I cannot see the other player from both devices.

(the PC and both the Gear VR are connected to the same LAN)


  • Turned out it's because the Photon server is hosted on a Windows machine and firewall setting is blocking UDP traffic by default, just enable UDP traffic and it works as a charm.
  • nice to hear

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