Syncing non physics movement

I am moving my player with translate with high speed and using photon transform view to sync it. but over the network it is not in sync . can i know any better way to perfectly sync the players movement over the network


  • Hi @Romin,

    it won't be perfect afterwards but might get better, if you follow one of the approaches on the Lag Compensation documentation page.
  • Hi @Christian_Simon
    i have applied lag compensation already but the results are still ok . is there any other method/way to sync fast player movements ?
  • Lag Compensation is possibly the best option you have without custom server-side logic.

    If you are planning to host the server yourself or use our Enterprise Cloud, you can add custom server-side logic by using Plugins. This would be another option but requires more work to implement. You can read about Plugins here.

    If you have a really ambitious project, you can also have a look at Quantum, which you can find here.
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