PUN Basics Tutorial

Hi all,

I am going through the PUN Basics Tutorial and have just completed section 4, at the end of which I should be able to run a version of the game in Unity and it opens the scene Room for 1. Then I run a published version of the game and join, where it should now load the scene Room for 2. However, this is not happening. There seems to be no connection between the 2.

Has anyone else been through this tutorial and experienced the same noob problem?



  • can you show the code?
  • Hi @swanne,

    please check if the OnPhotonPlayerConnected(PhotonPlayer other) gets called. You can easily do this by taking a look at the console, because there is already a Debug.Log(...) in the example. If you can't see this, the second client is not joining the same room, so you have to check if something goes wrong there. If you can see it, the second client has joined the same room and the problem is a different one. Please get back here with updated information.
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