How to know which player added each expectedUser?

I'm implementing a team-based game, in which several parties (groups of friends that have invited each other to player together) can form a single team (an in-game faction, e.g. league of legends, a team of 5 can be 2 parties of 2 players and a solo player).

Players that form a party should be in the same team. The party leader currently sets the others as expectedUsers to reserve slots for them when he joins.

How can I read from server who set each expectedUser so I can reserve the slots specifically in their team in my custom server implementation?


  • Hi, @Jabefa

    there is no such info in general. The only trick i see, is that you may set Expected users using SetProperities call. Then all will get notification about this update with user id how changed properties

  • Hi @Jabfa,

    I think you should try Photon Server Plugins first.
    And using plugins you could get the ExpectedUsers value set by clients in the plugins callbacks easily.
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