problem importing assets PhotonNetwork with Photon Chat

after importing the 2 I get this error
Does anyone have a solution?


  • up

    only import photonchat and Get this erro

  • S_OliverS_Oliver ✭✭
    First post : may re-import the assets.
    Seconds post: You inherit from Monobehaviour and IChatClientListener this is a Interface, if you inherit from, your Script need all the Methods wich u see in the small popup from Visual Studio.Visual Studio can generate all the Methods if you click on "show potential fixes".
  • Hi @Valakinhas,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    PUN includes Photon Chat.
    If you need both then just import PUN from the asset store.
    So to fix your problems start from a new fresh clean project and import PUN.
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