WebRPC Message Size Limits

Hey guys

I'd like to ask one of the Photon developers if there is a limit on the size of a WebRPC message. At this point, it's still hypothetical, but we're looking at some way to upload some userdata when they achieved something, i.e. a recording of their path after they finish. I'd prefer to use the mechanisms we already have in place right now (WebRPCs) to send this data over so that we can have a more solid check of validity of the actual user uploading it (the AuthCookie really helps).

So my actual question is; is there currently a hard-limit on the size of a WebRPC message? If so, what is this limit? The file sizes we're looking right now at are on average ~200KB-500KB with a maximum of ~4MB (if they manage to race for roughly 4 hours...).

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi @juniordiscart,

    There is no hard limit but I invite you to send an email to [email protected] to discuss the details of what you want to achieve.
    How often are you planning to send these WebRPCs?
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    Hi JohnTube

    I'll send an e-mail with some additional details to the developer team.
    We're already heavily using the WebRPC system, but only for small messages right now to retrieve some info from the server.

    The proposed messages of course aren't to be sent too often (we're only looking at uploading, downloading can happen on another channel) since they are related to a user score or leaderboard and we'd like to make this process as safe as possible, and these user scores are already limited in time on how often they can be set.

    I have found something though in the WebRPC documentation that limits the size of a byte array to a size of short.MaxValue, which is too low for the type of data we wish to send. Splitting it up in several chunks is maybe a possibility though...
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