System.Buffer.BlockCopy error in Fabric



We have an issue with our mobile game, image above shows the error. 128 players effected by this 'Non-Fatal' exception,and its increasing slowly,Any chance to fix this issue? We are using Admob,Firebase,Facebook,PlayFab and Fabric plugins in our game,if it helps.


  • Hi @Arda_Alpergames,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    @Tobias did you see something like this before?

    It's good that you are using a nice tool like Crashlytics Kit from Fabric (now acquired by Google).
    I used it myself and I like it.
  • Hi @JohnTube ,

    Thanks for your reply,we are still looking for a method to solve this issue.
    Crashlytics is a great tool for solving issues. :)
  • Anyone?
  • Hi @Arda_Alpergames,

    Sorry for the delay, sometimes we miss some forum threads.

    Please send an email to [email protected] with a link to this discussion and
    - PUN version.
    - as many details as you can copy paste from Crashlytics dashboard about this exception. (stack trace in text and not a screenshot, info about devices' type or OS where this exception occur to be able to identify any pattern, etc.)
  • Hi @JohnTube ,

    Thanks for your reply. I just send a mail with more details.

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