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Hello. I am using Bolt's matchmaking for my multiplayer project, but i am having an issue with retrieving sessions created with Bolt Engine.
Here is the server-side code, where i create a session and then load a room:

BoltNetwork.SetHostInfo("MyPhotonGame", null);

And here is the client-side code, where i retrieve the sessions, create a button for each one, and join the one associated with the button i clicked

foreach (var session in BoltNetwork.SessionList)
if (GUILayout.Button(session.Value.Source + " / " + session.Value.HostName + " (" + session.Value.Id + ")"))

The problem is that the buttons are never created, because BoltNetwork.SessionList is always empty ! In fact, if i try to print on console BoltNetwork.SessionList.Count, it always returns 0.
Just for completeness, i have inserted my PhotonCloud AppId in Windows->Bolt->Settings->Photon Relay, enabled NAT punchthrough, set connection mode to PhotonCloud and region to eu (which is my App's region), and set Accept Mode to "Manual" in Window->Bolt->Settings->Connections.

I am also trying to update sessions list with BoltNetwork.UpdateSessionList(), even if i am not sure this is the right way to use this method, as i have found anything about it in the documentation.
Is there something i am missing or doing wrong ?
Thank you very much in advance.


  • Take a look at the example in the scene PhotonTutorial
  • Nick89Nick89
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    Thank you for your answer ! Actually the solution was simpler than expected : i was testing two instances of the app on the same computer. When i tested on two different machines, it worked :-)
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