on-premises server opcustom and send response order

if i send request/response or event to client from my on-premises server, is the order guaranteed to be the same at client side?

for example
on my client side
void send()
peer.opcustom("string one");
peer.opcustom("string two");
peer.opcustom("string three");

on my server:
void onreceive()
// provided there is no packet loss
// on this function, is it guaranteed to receive "string one" first, and then "string two/three" ?

same for server to client
if my server do
sendresponse("A"); or // sendevent("A")
sendresponse("B"); or // sendevent("B")

at my client side, is it guaranteed to receive "A" first ?

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  • is that means only UDP + not reliable will result disordered events ?
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