How does the pricing work?

I was working with Unity's UNET and found that I can connect directly between peers using the "NAT Traversal" Plugin in the asset store. unfortunately, It doesn't support mobile platforms yet. I was directed to Bolt for built-in NAT Punch-through support. But the pricing model is confusing. Does the CCU indicate the number of users who cannot successfully connect via punch-through and fallback to the relay server of Photon, or just every player who is trying to connect to each other.Can I use my own facilitator/Introducer to achieve NAT Punch-through instead of the Photon Cloud?

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    CCU includes all concurrent users. We include STUN punch and relay fallback, so there is no need for your own punch.
  • I won't be charged for message bandwidth if I Use P2P. right?
    Also, does NAT punchthrough work with Mobile platforms?
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    @fishinggrapes Bandwidth charges are only for relay, which is in the ~10% or less of cases where punch fails. Yes punch works on mobile.

  • Does Punch work if I am connected via Cellular Data rather than through a Wifi Router? This is my conversation with the author of an asset that does NAT Punch-through and he explicitly mentioned it's not possible over Satellite Networks.

    Me: Can I use this for my Android/ IOS Project? From the FAQs from the Asset Store, It seems it not implemented yet. Is it possible to achieve NAT Punch-through in Mobiles?

    Author of NAT Traversal Plugin for UNET : It is theoretically possible to do punchthrough in android/ios over wifi. It is not possible over satellite networks.
    Unfortunately NAT Traversal doesn't support mobile at all so you can't even use it for wifi. This may finally change in the next few months if my latest project works out how I expect because I will be able to switch away from RakNet to some more cross-platform friendly code. I really can't promise anything at the moment though because I'm not 100% sure things are going to work out the way I expect.
    Sorry to be vague, the short answer is: No mobile support, but it still might be coming.

    This is really crucial for my Project as I'd rather go with PUN, if the Punch doesn't work over Cellular data Connections.Thank You!
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    @fishinggrapes Punch will not work on some cellular networks due to symmetrical NAT and STUN blocking. We are always working to improve our punch through though, so this may change in the future.
  • What if the game reaches 100k concurrent users, do I have to pay for all of these 100k players even though I am using my own dedicated servers, without any fallback to the relay service?
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