Cross-Platform UWP Xbox<-->PC support


I'm wondering if Photon supports cross-platform support for a UWP game running on Xbox and PC. I see a lot about cross-platform support for Android and iOS, but I haven't seen anything about this particular configuration - I'm sorry if I missed it.


  • Hi @sprimate,

    basically cross-platform is supported for each of the supported platforms. So Xbox and PC works as well. Important is that you use the same AppID as well as the same game version and let the clients join the same room.
  • We are not allowed to give detailed support for consoles through public channels. Regarding xplat, please always (!) contact the console vendor, if this is allowed by them for your title. (technically, Photon can do it)
  • Thanks guys.

    This type of thing is a super stretch goal for us, but it helps to know that it's technically possible, so we'll probably go with PUN.
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