What are the important factors that prioritizes iOS above Android?

It cannot be denied that there are numerous respective advantages and value additions that have made it possible for the app providers and end users to choose either of the two platforms. From the mobile developers end up to the end users end, there are numerous key variables that exclusively helps them to go with the one platforms that suits their priorities the best and stand with their favorite mobile platform.

If we dive deeper into the wide ranging list of key variables that exclusively tailors today’s mobile app developers decision of choosing iOS first, iPad and iPhone users have been found spending more compared to the Android end users. Most of the developers also add that iOS app development is simpler and easier than the android app development process. Next to this, most of the app providers consider iOS platform for rapid app conversions and an increased number of strongly engaged end users.


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    Hi @larrajason123,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    To answer the question on this discussion subject/title, IMO:

    1. Money
    2. Less devices less nightmares
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