Setting Room Properties from Lobby

Hey all,

Just a quick confirmation question: Is it possible to change a value in an open room's custom property while in the Lobby? Currently when I have a player joining a game (ie. click join button while inside Lobby), they grab a Room reference to that game, gets the custom properties and attempts to change a particular value of that room (ie. player two was previously open, now since player is joining in, it is now taken). Again, this is all happening outside in the Lobby, not in the room yet.

I consistently get the error "Operation failed: OperationResponse 252: ReturnCode: -2" so I'm assuming after several attempts and debuggings, Photon doesn't support this feature. I haven't seen anything in the Custom Properties documentation about not being able to do that, but I just want to make sure that I've covered all my bases regarding rooms' custom property before attempting another route.



  • Hi @AndyWasHere,

    no, this doesn't work. OperationResponse 252 is related to the SetProperties call you have made earlier. ReturnCode -2 tells you, that the operation is invalid. This is because you are not connected to the game server (room) because you are still connected to the master server (lobby).
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