Is PUN the right package for drop-in drop out open world multiplayer game?

Hi all, as the title suggests, I am wondering if PUN is the right choice for a multiplayer open world game. The game relies on a lot of procedural generation which will somewhat 'evolve' around the players actions over the course of a session; however is designed to be played by a group of friends over multiple sessions, and permit drop-in and drop-out.

Because of this, I get the impression that there may be significant amounts of data required to:
- bring a "dropping in player" up to speed/synchronised with other players; for example if the game had been in motion for an hour already, a number of procedural scenarios had already been played out (enemies, items, battles, crashes, etc come and gone), and the current players were halfway through their current scenario (for example, a gunfight with a bunch of badies, all sorts of differing health and ammunition values, placements, etc).
- saving and reloading the state of a game; with that information needing to be distributed to all joiners as the "starting basis" for further unfolding/procedural scenarios in the current session.

I've started to look at Photon Server as well; however thought Id give a shout out for any more enlightened opinions as this is our first foray into multiplayer development.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Thanks Harris, it seems I needed to investigate RPC's a little more :) I've moved away from PUN for now and am exploring a more server authoritative approach, however I will keep your suggestions in mind should I return to PUN in future.
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