PhotonView exist check

Hey guys/gals, I'm in a tiny bind, been trying to fight this sense yesterday afternoon, but I'm confused on the next step to take.

Is there a proper way to find out if a photonview still exists in the room?
Right now I have a list set up, that keeps track of PhotonViews it needs to keep track of.

The problem is if I do for example
It always returns false.

So is there some proper way I need to request isOwnerActive or is there another way I can determine if a PhotonView still exists?


  • N1warheadN1warhead
    edited February 2018
    I finally got it!

    Here's the code for anyone else.
    Well at-least get the other player.

    for(int i = 0; i < PhotonViewList.Count; i++){
    PhotonView p = PhotonView.Find(PhotonViewList[i].viewID);

    The goal is to loop through the player list every couple seconds, and remove all dependencies on players who had quit or lost connection when doing something, so other players can then do something with it.
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