Please help. Sync position of dynamics scene objects is driving me insane

So my game is like this:

An arena, with 2 players (they are just balls, so 2 balls), and imagine a huge tower in the middle which is made of 50 chunks. If the tower gets shot the entire tower falls down, the chunks beautifully fall down. I have PhotonView + PhotonTransformview + PhotonRigidBody view on every chunk. Here is a picture of a setting of one of the chunks:

(I also use this on my players (the rolling balls) and they move smoothly over the network.

The problem is, whenever I test the build, I open the .exe build twice and move with both players next to each other. I pan the camera to the tower, and when I shoot the tower the tower falls perfectly on the FIRST build that I started, but the 2nd build shows the tower all laggy, bouncy, clunky and sometimes even entirely offsetted the position of the breaking tower in 1 second to another location. What is going on?? I am syncing the transform of the chunks as you can see in the picture....

So I tested out some stuff to rule out any bug, and I found out that: Whenever the tower is entirely broken (already fallen to the groiund), the first build shows the tower (in other words: all of the chunks of the tower) perfectly fallen without ANY lagg or bounce, but the client also shows the fallen chunks but the chunks are bouncy as if youre making popcorn, so I noticed whenever I SHUT DOWN the first build, all of a sudden the 2nd build becomes perfect as if it was the first build! I searched an entire day on google and I think I did find the problem, does this have something to do with ownership?
If yes, how would I handle this ownership problem? I assume the HOST is the first build that I executed (the exe file) and the ''CLIENT'' is the 2nd build I started. But how would this work? Does the OWNER of the chunks see the chunks falling perfectly (non laggy and bouncy) and the non-owners dont? How does that actually make sense? If I would lets say transfer ownership to the 2ND build instead of the 1ST BUILD having ownership, wouldnt the same problem arise but VIce versa? (so 2nd build would see it perfectly fall but the 1st build would see it clunky -> roles are switched)

Thank you very much in advance.


  • physics must run ONLY on master client.
    if(!master) rigidbody.isKinematic = true;
  • physics must run ONLY on master client.
    if(!master) rigidbody.isKinematic = true;


    And how am I supposed to show the movement of the chunks on the 2nd client?
  • I found another person who has the same problem:

    Am I seriously supposed to switch over to Unity Networking? What kind of online games is one supposed to make with Photon? card games?
  • DavoMyan said:


    And how am I supposed to show the movement of the chunks on the 2nd client?

    you have attached photon transform view to sync position and rotation.
    actually i may be wrong. Wait answer from someone who has experience with syncing rigidbodies.
  • Here is a gif explaining my situation.

    LEFT is the build that started FIRST

    RIGHT is the build that started SECOND

    If I would close the left build suddenly the right build returns to normal
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    I dont think its a good idea to give all the cubes a PhotonView with RigbodyView and TransformView, this will cause high traffic. Have you checked your Dashboard?

    I get also laggy results using RigbodyView and TransformView together for a vehicle and dont know why...
    (Please excuse my bad English)
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