What happened to new versions of photon server

When our project first ramped up, I got familiar with photon server as we wanted to use it for our game. Fast forward like 6 months and were getting closer to the end and I need to revisit this. I went to get the latest and I see its the same version as it was way back when. Has work on this product stopped? It seems odd for and SDK to go so long without any updates.


  • hi, @ZigzaTom
    we are preparing update

  • This question pops up from time to time ... please e.g. see http://forum.photonengine.com/discussion/comment/37543#Comment_37543
  • ZigzaTomZigzaTom
    edited February 2018
    Thank you so much for the feedback! I asked this once before but I didnt really get an answer so I will ask again. Do you guys offer any consulting services to help us kick off server implementation? I was able to get it working but I am not an expert in development outside of unity and I don't think I setup my visual studios project cleanly to run a plugin etc. Be great to be able to pay somebody to get the footprint configured nicely and then let us run with it. I have scoured the reading material and none of it talks about "After opening the VS load balancing sample app here is how you can add a new plugin in visual studios". I tried the obvious steps like add project as a sibling of the TestPlugin but visual studios just gave me an empty list of project types which was really helpfull :) When I first set this up I basically hand edited a bunch of stuff to make it "work" but it felt really unclean.

    Anyhow we were thinking spending some $$ to get our already behind project ahead would be worth it.
  • We do offer consulting, however, we only have limited resources.
    Reach out at [email protected]
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