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I've been trying to find a way to download the 20CCU free version of Photon Bolt, but I can only find the 95$ version in the store. Is the free version still not available?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Already solved, it seems is not out yet.


  • correct, not released, yet. Please stay tuned.
  • Hi Photonians, I am also interested to see a free "try it out" version of Bolt. It looks like the architecture that I am after for my project; which is pretty much a proof of concept - but the price on the Asset Store, combined with amount of negative feedback there make me hesitant.

    A timeframe for the release would be very handy; another source of hesitation is to buy the asset/license from the store, only to have the free version come out shortly thereafter. This happened to me before when the Unity Android platform build used to be a separate license. I'd really like to get in to Bolt asap; but need some clearer indication of its roadmap and support from Photon.
  • Hi, any news on the free version?
  • Sorry, no definite news.
  • Im too very curious about it
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